About Us


Intense Fitness Academy is a mobile fitness and wellness outfit,
dedicated to solving health problems resulting from unhealthy nutrition
and disengagement from fitness programs. Whenever, wherever, however you
want to exercise, we will send a personal trainer/Fitness Professional
to you fully outfitted with equipment, right to you.
We are here to make you stronger, boost your confidence and appearance,
help you sleep better and give you more energy.


We know you’re busy. What’s better than us ringing your doorbell,
putting you through the paces for an hour and then you go back to your

No more transportation expenses or lost time to get fit. We make your
life easier by coming to you, saving you a ton of time and money.

We work with clients in their homes, at their apartment gyms, at their
work, and outdoors. Whenever and wherever is convenient to you, we will
be there to guide you to your goals.
We just need a small space in your home, yard, or basement. We will ring
the doorbell with an entire gym’s worth of equipment, put you through
the paces for an hour, and let you get right back to your day.
Since you won’t have to travel to the gym or studio, we will save you
time and money. We make life convenient by coming to you.


We will create a program specific for your goals. A few of the common
goals of our clients include toning, weight loss, pre and post natal
programs, strength and conditioning training, interval and HIIT, sport
specific, core and stability for seniors, foundational yoga, and
functional strength training.


You will not skip your workout when we ring your doorbell. We get rid of
excuses. Make exercise a habit with our help.

We love to work with beginners. Don’t be intimidated- we are down to
We meet our clients where they are. Exercises are always taught with
correct form and safety with no exceptions. We will never make you feel
uncomfortable, you will only be challenged with fun and different
workout styles.

Physical Therapy

Do you have tight hips? Low back pain? Shoulders, knees, and joint
pain? We can fix it! Our team focuses on preventing and resolving
injuries. Physical therapy and yoga therapy are essential to our

We will tailor a program specific to you and your goals.
Some common goals include:
* Weight loss
* Firming and toning
* Post-natal programs
* Effective/Functional strength training
* Interval training
* Strength & conditioning
* Body sculpting
* Sport-specific strength & conditioning
* Core and stability work for seniors

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Customer service is our highest priority. We attentively listen to your
needs and are prompt to respond. We will communicate clearly with you
and will always be proactive in helping you reach your goals. We are
happy to offer a complimentary consultation to get you started! Are you
ready to feel and look your best? Contact us today for specials and
package options.